Virtual Open Houses… are quickly becoming an industry standard.


True Measurement’s “Virtual Open House” is an ideal way to open up your house or show home 24/7 and allow potential clients to view and walk around the property as if they are there. Plus, agents can invite one or more customers to join inside of a virtual open house, where all parties can see and hear each other.

Imagine FaceTime or Skype inside of a 360-degree virtual tour. This way clients can learn about the property and ask questions whilst being shown around. Our tours can be viewed on any device anywhere anytime without needing any additional software. They are also VR ready and can be shared easily via a link or embedded into any website as easily as an image.

Real Estate Benefits

It provides a realistic experience to anyone anywhere, saves time and energy, cuts costs, gets more website traffic, reduces your bounce rate, increased convenience, Interactive & user-friendly, filter less serious inquires, no technical skills needed, helps put the agent back in control. concluded that listings with virtual tours received 87% more views than listings with no photos or photos alone, and that 54% of buyers exploring on the site will most likely not look at properties that don’t include virtual tours.


True Measurement also offers custom “Virtual Open Houses” to commercial businesses, which offers a guided experience of the particulars of your facility that you choose to highlight. These “Virtual Open Houses” can include 360 panoramas, traditional flat images, video, music, links and text descriptions.

You can choose to showcase anything which provides your business with a 24-hour shopping window. Allowing potential clients to take a 360 degree visit around your premises and products online anytime of the day or night. You’ve got the chance now to showcase your business like never before.

The “Virtual Open House” is truly a powerful modern-day marketing tool that will enhance sales for almost any commercial venture.

Commercial Benefits

Provides confidence in your business, promotes product and services, increases on-line transparency, rankings, traffic, engagement and visitor retention. Gets social media love and attention. Let’s your business stand out from the crowd and is cost-effective.

According to a study by BIA/Kelsey, 97% of consumers go online prior to making a purchase to research products and services locally. Whatever your business, the evidence suggests that more people are willing to purchase or work with you if they know who you are.