Our Floor Plans Help You Sell!

Color Floor Plans available upon request!

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Whether you’re a real estate agent, homeowner, purchaser, or a renter, it pays to know how the space is configured and how much space you have.

The floor plans we provide are mainly for real estate listings and are simply a way of illustrating the general size and internal layout of a property so that interested parties can, in conjunction with photos, better visualize the arrangement of the rooms.  Our floor plans include a breakdown of square footage, and all major room dimensions including walls, windows, doors, skylights, exposed beams, stairs, built-ins, plumbing fixtures, balconies, attached garage, decks and patios.

All floor plans and photos:

  • can be printed on brochures and flyers;
  • are fully compatible with all websites;
  • easily enhance your marketing strategies;
  • allow your buyers to see layouts for furniture placement as well as potential for renovations and additions;
  • floor plans are supplied as PDFs for easy printing.

This is a valuable tool that clients have come to expect.

Why use “as-built” floor plans? – Agents benefit by providing their clients with extra value. Having the square footage calculated by a professional affords peace of mind to all parties (buyer, seller, agent and broker) that you have done your due diligence so that the information being provided is accurate, thereby reducing your liability.

Listing Plan

Some Realtors choose to utilize older MLS listing information or even original sales brochures provided by developers. Unfortunately, these are often incorrect because of differing industry standards, poor measuring practices, or outdated material. We’ve encountered many previous listings that showed the square footage to be hundreds of square feet higher for the new listing because a garage had been included in the finished floor area.

During construction many changes can be made on the fly to accommodate a variance in budgets, unpredictable site conditions, and countless other potential complications which can change the size and shape of a building dramatically. It is not uncommon for these changes to be unrecorded, and using outdated information could make you liable for damages from the new purchaser, complicating an otherwise clean sale.

The floor plan you provide to your client gives them a good sense of the home’s layout and aesthetics. The buyer is now qualified, before they come to you.

Buyers also examine the floor plans and photos after they visit the home to help determine if it’s the right property for them.  Regardless of how many homes they view, your listings will remain top of mind with the floor plans and photos in hand.

Color Floor Plans available upon request!

“Over 90% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan.”  (C.A.R Home Buyers Survey)

“Including a floor plan in the marketing mix has proven to reduce time on the market by up to 50%.”  (C.A.R Home Buyers Survey)